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Our research and development results indicated that Blogger could provide an ideal platform for much of our specialized content. We currently have nearly a dozen live sites.

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And, of course, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube


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WordPress LoigoWordPress is one of the most widely used Open Source software projects in the world. We currently have nearly 30 WordPress installations in R&D or production environments with a number of new installations planned over the next months. WordPress is available as dowloadable software for your own hosted site (at WordPress.Org) or as a hosted solution at Our HoarseMan blog is hosted by

Current* sites using WordPress technology

*Not including test, demo, and internal platforms



 tm-royo-credits-150-v4All of the content here is created by ChaliceMedia LLC for either Research and Development or Deployment Planning.

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Many of the photographs on our websites are licensed from Whenever a BigStock photograph is used the photographers copyright information is provide either in proximity to the image or on the Credits page for that particular website

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Template Design: All of our websites contain a link to the developer of the original base template we used in the footer of every page. Every site is modified by ChaliceMedia to meet our specific needs. Templates that have been substantially modified will contain a note in footer e.g. Modified from TemplateName (with author link) by ChaliceMedia LLC

Mobile: WPTouch from BraveNewCode Inc.

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Couple reading © Dimitry Shironosov: Big Stock Photo – Photo Illustration by ChaliceMedia LLC
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All other images © ChaliceMedia LLC unless otherwise noted.