Conversion – Joomla to WordPress

royo-redeco-150-v4Update: 31 March 2014

[The site you are looking at now is in it’s fourth Word Press design iteration since the 29 August 2013 revision. ]

Why [update from Joomla?]

  1. Joomla was outdated (1.5) and would need to be migrated, much of it by hand.
  2. Filesize on server: Joomla 5,559 files, WordPress 2,376 files
  3. Flexibility for Mobile Devices – e.g. Responsive designs, vast array of plugins and tools.
  4. Flexibility for media and animation
  5. Future integration to WordPress Multi-site.
  6. Blanket subscription on Akismet spam control

Screen Shot Comparison

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Site Gestation

RoYo Patiently Waiting

RoYo Patiently Waiting

The domains, or site names on this page are currently in the development process. At the present time the domains listed here are redirected to this page.

Current redirects:

  1. – Current state: Domain Retention, High Level Strategy — potential placeholder for a fictitious financial institution
  2. – Current state: High Level Strategy — placeholder for the ultra-contemporaty fiction concept


Internet Fiction Projects (IFP)

Design RoYou rabbit with t-squareOur 50+ websites, and a growing Web 2.0 presence interact with several large scale R&D fiction projects that contain everything from short stories to novel length materials.  Our currently active IFPs include The Solace Creek Stories, The Flyover War, Heaven’s Lower East Side, and Wi-Fiction the Escape iCafe.

Playing Spider

spider, yucky spiderPlaying Spider™ is a network of websites designed to provide a working tutorial for students of our “Playing Spider: Enticing Your Web Audience™” workshops. Meet (fictitious authors and artists) Algernon Arachnid™, Barbara Blackwidow™, Franklin Funnelweb™, Harlan Hobospider™, Ollie Orbweaver™, Penny Parsonspider™, Robin Recluse™, Toni Tarantula™ and Wendy Wolfspider™ and learn about different ways to spice up your web marketing.


royo-redeco-150-v4Playing Spider is currently in redesign, feel free to visit but there isn’t much to see.