Miracles DO Happen! AEON Timeline…

AEON-screen capture

I’m no longer blinded by chaos.

With the complexity of my projects, I’ve been trying for the past three or four years to find a timeline program that would keep me inside the boundaries of sanity. I tried project management programs (MS Project, Turbo Project, Openproject), Database management programs (MS Access*, MS SQL* Server, MySQL*). Finally, the closest thing was a nice, but limited, Open Source program – The Timeline Project – available on Sourceforge.net, which I’ve been using over three years now.

  • I really need a ZERO DAY based timeline, in addition to more conventional options – seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks — you get the picture. Even millennia-length events. Heck, I might even need to manage a timeline based on cycles of intersecting moons, or the breeding cycles of 30-foot praying mantises. OK, that last one MIGHT be a reach… haven’t tried it yet.
  • I need to be able to easily link characters, places, items, and even some complex concepts to events in the calendar.
  • I need something that is much less expensive than a semester at the University of Colorado. OK, that might be a little bit of exaggeration.

Then TA-DA! Following up on a post in the Pikes Peak Writers mail loop – from Barbara Samuel – I downloaded trial copies of AEON Timeline from Scribble Code software. After only 2 days of trials (they allow you 20 days), I licensed copies for both my Windows-based machines and my iMac!

And have been charging ahead every since. I completed two novel timelines in the past couple of days. Check it out and have some productive fun!

Disclaimer – I have no connection with any of the products or services, mentioned here. And I pay for them as does anybody else. I do like to shout it out when I come across something that solves a problem…

And… c’mon, you see it coming… Makes my life easier.

Cheers, Ron

*Of course I had to write all of my own code for the database platforms — all of which were too rigid and constraining.


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Smear on a Little Snake Oil – Part 1

PhotoIllustration ChaliceMedia

OK, so Apple has done a number, Ok a BIG number, of amazing things. Enough to almost make me forget a out the oft used VHS vs Beta conflagration or the Blu-ray vs HDDVD shipwreck analogies when comparing the Big A to the Big MS… Almost.

For sure the guys and hmmm…word choice dilemma here…women at Apple know the heck out of HOW TO MARKET STUFF. Whew! These are the folks who made bazillion a household word. But…

There’s a really interesting (albeit brilliant) methodology happening in both the iTunes and App stores–OK, so it’s really only one store… Or a million… One or the other, who knows. My point is that they have really developed an art form in taking the concepts of cost and price OUT of the purchase equation. You don’t really get the confirmation a.k.a. Reminder that you actually spent money, until the next day or two, along with the bazillion other emails flooding your inbox.

Talk about separation of price and value…. Continue reading