NFWTV logoNFWTV™ (No Freakin’ Wires Television™) (fictitious) is a joint venture partner with York Broadcast Network™ (also fictitious), and opens the door for multimedia expansion of the Solace Creek Stories. “NFWTV – Great Television, Almost Affordable.”™



York Broadcast Network

York Broadcast LogosThe York Broadcast Network™ (fictitious) is based in the satellite capitol of the United States, Boulder-Springs™, Colorado (fictitious). The network also has major presence in New York (not fictitious… OK the network is, but New York is not), Los Angeles (ditto NYC), Chicago (ditto the previous ditto), and Atlanta (ditto3). York, primarily involved in television and radio, is testing the DBS (direct broadcast satellite) arena in a joint venture with NFWTV™(fictitious). Local affiliates are KYBN-5™ Television(fictitious) in Boulder-Springs and KZUD FM88.2™ (fictitious)radio in Solace Creek(fictitious).


Ok – so I’m way behind

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s been months since the last post here. Spread too thin, perhaps? It’s certainly been an interesting summer. Playing a show in Cincinnati for a Vietnam Vets reunion. A side trip to Chicago, arriving just as the blues festival was winding down, unfortunately. Playing several club dates, and a couple of benefit concerts; one for Disable American Veterans, the other for the LAM Foundation. Wrapping up the summer opening for Ty England at the Boulder County Fair, that was a gas… we had the sound guys from the Boulder Theatre… Steve and Darcy from Jacobs Audio… consummate professionals. We had zero worries, just play hard and have fun.

I made a suggestion last week to a major media company that they should offer a “sports free” television package at a drastically reduced rate. Depending on where you are and who your provider is, you’ll pay between 25% and 40% of your total cable/satellite bill for sports programming. Now you know how they can pay some guy $198 million for tossing a football. Now there is a new sports network called Big Ten that’s pressuring providers for inclusion in their lineups at a charge of $1.10 per month per subscriber. Guess they figured it’s time to start paying college quarterbacks above the table.

Along those lines, anybody using Vista yet? I’m trying to figure out how to get replacement PCs with XP… so I don’t have to do a wholesale replacement of every piece of software on the box. Somehow, the guys in Redmond seem to forget that the majority of Americans still work for small business. It’s tough to choose between $3 gas and $700 software. Maybe the $700 software is part of the reason for $3 gas…

Oh, well. Enough of a rant for today.