Caught by Chicks

caught by chicks brandingCaughtbyChicks™ (fictitious) serves a double purpose. First, it supports a new fiction project currently in the works, and second, provides an opportunity to celebrate heroine crime fighters and bad guy snatchers from emerging writers.


tech note: recently converted from b2Evolution to WordPress

1. The web address was changed because the original URL was being constantly slammed by spammers.

Updated Tools of the Trade Part 2

tm-toolyroyo-150-v4Reinforcing that we don’t want to design websites, we want to implement websites to support our content distribution strategies with minimal configuration, customization, and deployment timelines. Aside from some specialty applications like event calendars, FAQs and photo galleries, we’re building around a few basic engines. The engine choices for a particular site are driven by a few brief questions:

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • What is the target audience?
  • In the case of sites built to support fiction projects:
    • What real world component is the site supposed to emulate (a business, a media outlet)
    • How dynamic will the site’s content be?
    • Will the site’s content be required to follow or synch to a specific timeline?
  • Will the site require user registration?
  • Will parts of the site be restricted to specific users or user groups?
  • Will the site have an ecommerce connection?
  • Does the site have any specific requirements for look and feel?

Once these questions are answered, we apply them to a grid and drill-down process to determine the technology.

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Flyover War

flyoverbsp-150-v4flyoverwar-150-v4In The Flyover War™, a reporter’s chase to get the story of an impending civil war becomes a battle for her life. Watch the story come alive scene by scene. You can also look behind the scenes at FlyoverWar Backstage™.

This site is being converted to WordPress as part of a master site integration project.  While that work is underway the b2Evolution site is located at:


Solace Creek Site Network

sc-net-150-v5The Solace Creek Site Network™ is the jump-off point to the (fictitious) people, places, and organizations of the Solace Creek Stories™, and more!

This site has been integrated into the new SolaceCreekOnline.Com core site, and redirects to that site. The b2Evolution site no longer exists.