Caught by Chicks

caught by chicks brandingCaughtbyChicks™ (fictitious) serves a double purpose. First, it supports a new fiction project currently in the works, and second, provides an opportunity to celebrate heroine crime fighters and bad guy snatchers from emerging writers.


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Grayston R. Cassel

grayston-150-v4Grayston R. Cassel™ is an author of Dark Fiction and Urban Fantasy. A complex author persona, GRC functions in multitasking modes. As the “author” of certain projects and components, Gray is also a character in other projects and components. A number of GRC projects are currently in early draft stages. The GRC website can be reached via,, or For the Untrue project, Gray also has a twiitter account.


R.C. Kohler

RCKohler badgeAll we know is that we’ve seen him and some of his buddies hanging out in the Search Engine at He could be an intelligence agent (although definitely not intelligent), an insurance salesman, or a professional bowler. We Just Don’t Know. He could just be some guy named after a soda pop and a toilet. Hmm…



Ron Chalice

rcchither-150-v5Colorado author Ron Chalice™ writes an eclectic mixture of suspense, poetry, and music. At this site, you can learn about Ron and current projects. Delve into the interactive world of Solace Creek and Boulder-Springs, Colorado and read Ron’s regular weblog for comments, new articles, and the dissection of his works.

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