Current Special Site Badging

The majority of our websites may have one or more of these badges displayed, either on the home page or on all pages.

Disclaimer: There may be some sites that do not have complete badging at this time1.

Fictitious Content:

CMFC-WhiteThis badge clearly states that the site contains fictitious persons, places, or things. Each site displaying this badge will also have a link to a disclaimer page that is clearly visible.2

Secured Page:

comodosealOur sites that require registration, and forms for communications with us are protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) provide through the web host or purchased from an appropriate vendor. This badge will let you know when you are on one of those pages.


Advertising Related Badges:

Most of our websites do not contain advertising. There are some sites that display advertising because they are a fictitious representation of a retail, news, entertainment, or broadcast organization. The ads (for real products and services) on those sites are there to bring a sense of realism to the site.3

adfree-150-v5 adfree-kids-150-v5 adfreezone-150-v5




1In addition to this badge, we put at least one or more detailed disclaimers on every site that contains fictitious persons, places, or things.
2SSL encrypts the information passing between us so personal data is safe from network snoopers. It’s especially important when you are using a WiFi or Wired network in a public place like a library or coffee shop.
3We specifically do not put ANY advertising on sites that are designed for younger audiences (e.g., and