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The above group of talented scientists are charged with helping us fully understand some of the articles and images presented here. These items will not be released to “general population” before being cleared by these esteemed gentlemend.

image: Public Domain (from Zazzle images)


Em Gideon

Gideon Always Running logoThaddeus Emory “Em” Gideon™ (fictitious) failed  as a 2008 conservative presidential candidate but his motto “Failure is not a career ending event” carries on with every new challenge. Depending on where the stories fall on the timeline, Em can be in some interesting situations Congressman, Perennial Losing Candidate, VicePresident, POTUS, and frozen.

Gonads, Oklahoma

Gonads Oklahoma LogoGonads, Oklahoma U.S.A™. (fictitious) Home of the retail giant SeemsFree(also fictitious) and the best deep fried bull testicles in the universe — from fictitious bulls.  “Flyover Country’s Flyover Country”™