Setting the Record Straight

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Disclaimer Time

There is a “company information” website (one of many in the websphere) that is showing this company, ChaliceMedia LLC, as a bit (ha!) overstated.  Some of the details:

  • 16 “verified” contacts – who, knows I may be one of them but I’m only allowed to click on 15 contacts…
  • Among them … a COO, an executive assistant, a head of security, the founder of BeriCraft Aviation (FICTITIOUS), a Key lawyer, and…
  • A principal, tech services background (that’s Moi), and…
  • nine other employees.
  • Then, the profile shows 50-100 total employees (ha! — screw it — double ha! there’s just… let’s say it together… Moi)
  • The really fun part is the $10 – $25 MILLION dollars in revenue. (HA!*103)  – this is overstated by a minimum of 2,000 times.

All of the above is BUNK, and most of it isn’t even listed on our FICTITIOUS websites. So…. every time I build a website you will see content similar to that below on either the FRONT PAGE OF THE SITE or on a page conspicuously labeled DISCLAIMER.  It’s just a different medium. Can you imagine the researchers for these companies going into a book store (or having a bot crawl the fiction offerings at Amazon) and come up with these bogus profiles?

A major frustration is that I cannot CORRECT this information on ANY of these websites. Continue reading

Solace Creek Stories

sc-stories-150-v5At the core of the Solace Creek Colorado™ (fictitious) project are the stories.  Crossing multiple genres, the stories chronicle the lives of 350+ people who live and work in the village of Solace Creek, Colorado and the neighboring Boulder-Springs™ metroplex.

Learn more about the Solace Creek Stories™ and the people who inhabit them.

A note about the sites: The sites of the Solace Creek Stories are fluid, and constantly changing.  As the project progresses, we walk a series of thin lines.  We are cautious to separate the material published on-line from the works that are targeted for the commercial publication market.  We are, unfortunately, in a time of radical transition in the publishing industry, and many traditional houses are reluctant to publish any thing that has previously appeared on-line.  On the other side of the equation, every day new books are being developed and marketed that are based on or wholly comprised of materials previously available on-line or through other media.  Have fun with us on the journey.

ChaliceMedia Websites

A ChaliceMedia Website logoThis Linky RoYo Rabbit™ logo is used to identify sites and fictitious entities1 that are part of the ChaliceMedia family. These contain a specific disclaimer …similar to the the master disclaimer on these pages.

1 fictitious entities may include people (characters), organizations, and locations that are part of the ChaliceMedia online story universe.

For a time, you may still see this logo on a number of sites:

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