Miracles DO Happen! AEON Timeline…

AEON-screen capture

I’m no longer blinded by chaos.

With the complexity of my projects, I’ve been trying for the past three or four years to find a timeline program that would keep me inside the boundaries of sanity. I tried project management programs (MS Project, Turbo Project, Openproject), Database management programs (MS Access*, MS SQL* Server, MySQL*). Finally, the closest thing was a nice, but limited, Open Source program – The Timeline Project – available on Sourceforge.net, which I’ve been using over three years now.

  • I really need a ZERO DAY based timeline, in addition to more conventional options – seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks — you get the picture. Even millennia-length events. Heck, I might even need to manage a timeline based on cycles of intersecting moons, or the breeding cycles of 30-foot praying mantises. OK, that last one MIGHT be a reach… haven’t tried it yet.
  • I need to be able to easily link characters, places, items, and even some complex concepts to events in the calendar.
  • I need something that is much less expensive than a semester at the University of Colorado. OK, that might be a little bit of exaggeration.

Then TA-DA! Following up on a post in the Pikes Peak Writers mail loop – from Barbara Samuel – I downloaded trial copies of AEON Timeline from Scribble Code software. After only 2 days of trials (they allow you 20 days), I licensed copies for both my Windows-based machines and my iMac!

And have been charging ahead every since. I completed two novel timelines in the past couple of days. Check it out and have some productive fun!

Disclaimer – I have no connection with any of the products or services, mentioned here. And I pay for them as does anybody else. I do like to shout it out when I come across something that solves a problem…

And… c’mon, you see it coming… Makes my life easier.

Cheers, Ron

*Of course I had to write all of my own code for the database platforms — all of which were too rigid and constraining.


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