Conversion – Joomla to WordPress

royo-redeco-150-v4Update: 31 March 2014

[The site you are looking at now is in it’s fourth Word Press design iteration since the 29 August 2013 revision. ]

Why [update from Joomla?]

  1. Joomla was outdated (1.5) and would need to be migrated, much of it by hand.
  2. Filesize on server: Joomla 5,559 files, WordPress 2,376 files
  3. Flexibility for Mobile Devices – e.g. Responsive designs, vast array of plugins and tools.
  4. Flexibility for media and animation
  5. Future integration to WordPress Multi-site.
  6. Blanket subscription on Akismet spam control

Screen Shot Comparison

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Gonads Inland Oysters

Inland Oysters LogoGonads Inland Oysters™ (fictitious) is the second major corporation with headquarters in Gonads, Oklahoma (fictitious). The Crunchiest Cojones in the Cosmos! (slogan made-up but not necessarily fictitious)

Go and Get Some


Internet Fiction Projects (IFP)

Design RoYou rabbit with t-squareOur 50+ websites, and a growing Web 2.0 presence interact with several large scale R&D fiction projects that contain everything from short stories to novel length materials.  Our currently active IFPs include The Solace Creek Stories, The Flyover War, Heaven’s Lower East Side, and Wi-Fiction the Escape iCafe.

Playing Spider

spider, yucky spiderPlaying Spider™ is a network of websites designed to provide a working tutorial for students of our “Playing Spider: Enticing Your Web Audience™” workshops. Meet (fictitious authors and artists) Algernon Arachnid™, Barbara Blackwidow™, Franklin Funnelweb™, Harlan Hobospider™, Ollie Orbweaver™, Penny Parsonspider™, Robin Recluse™, Toni Tarantula™ and Wendy Wolfspider™ and learn about different ways to spice up your web marketing.


royo-redeco-150-v4Playing Spider is currently in redesign, feel free to visit but there isn’t much to see.