So, About this iOS5, Savior Needed – Apply Within

There's a Man With a Gun Over There

I just got an email from Twitter reminding me how they’ve optimized sharing for iOS5® platforms. I’m sure they have a zillion ways to know that many times every week, my Twitter activities happen with my iPad®. BUT, I have NOT upgraded my iPad to iOS5.


Several weeks ago, I had a four-day nightmare upgrading  iTunes® from 10.3 to 10.4 on my Windows 7® desktop — for non-Apple speaking readers, iTunes is a requirement to sych and back up the data and apps on the iPad. Backups would not work, synch would not work, the iTunes Store would not work — as if I was in the mood to actually buy anything from the iTunes Store in the middle of this mess. I tried everything that was suggested on the Apple® Support page — EXCEPT re-installing Windows, yeah, like that will happen some day when I’ve got a couple of months free time.

So I checked the Community forum. Dozens, if not scores of people were having exactly the same problems. A savior arose from the multitudes with a plan — that worked. Simply revert one of the services components of iTunes to the prior version.

“Hurrah!” echoed throughout the known universe, and all was well.

Then just prior to the release of iOS5, I learned that in order to install iOS5 on my iPad (and Monica’s iPhone) I would have to — excuse my French here — have to upgrade my freaking iTunes yet AGAIN.

But of course, they would have fixed the Window problem… of course. The byte gods certainly wouldn’t let it happen any other way.

So I checked the Community forum BEFORE I downloaded the upgrade. Yikes! Within minutes of the 10.5 release, the forums were flooded by people having exactly the same problem as with 10.4 — that was the bad news. The BAD (beginners, please notice the upper case for emphasis) news was that the 10.4 solution DID NOT WORK.

So. I will wait. And still be able to back up my iPad. A new savior will arise from the multitudes.

It won’t be me.



What The Hey? There are Rabbits Everywhere!

RoYo Rabbit™adorns the new ChaliceMedia icon.

If you’re one of the 172,367 real human beings who have dropped into our world a number of times (about 5 million as of June 2011), they you might have noticed that there is a lot of new artwork coming on line. The key driver for this is our ongoing project to make sure that every site in the ChaliceMedia universe is mobile-web enabled within the near future, we want to ensure that all of our icons are compatible with Apple® “i” products and much of the Android® marketplace. Already, we have completed the transition on all 19 of our WordPress sites, and 13 Blogger sites. We’re running tests on Joomla, Drupal, and other applications at this time. The images in upcoming posts show a few new renditions of our rabbit RoYo Rabbit™ for specialized uses.  To follow our progress, keep checking the ChaliceMedia StoryWorld.



Tweet a Compelling Graphic

With the advent of Flipboard, the 2010 iPad App of the Year, and similar apps coming out for Android phones and the flood of tablets scheduled for 2011, it’s really important for new bloggers–and what the heck, even some old ones–to do a couple of things they might not have done before.

First, make sure that you use a compelling graphic for every post on your blog. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, but it must be compelling and germane to the topic of the article or post. (Also, make sure that you have the appropriate license or rights to use the image on your blog.)

Second, establish a Twitter account and/or a Facebook profile and link it (them) to your blog. Why? Because Flipboard and similar applications pull their data from social media apps, not individual blog RSS feeds.

Short and sweet.

(image from a frame of the music video Complicated World, by Oh No Yo Yo, Produced by Beyond Sound © Beyond Sound and ChaliceMedia)