Advertising Policy

RoYo with a briefcaseThis advertising policy applies to all ChaliceMedia websites – Effective 24 Feb 2012

1. Limited Use: Advertising will only be displayed on websites for which it is appropriate.

  • Our education websites will not contain any advertising matter or materials
  • Websites for fictitious organizations, e.g.,, will not contain advertising when the common practice for a real-life counterpart to the site e.g. government would NOT utililize advertising.
  • Websites for fictitious media organizations e.g. Solace Creek Statesman, York Broadcast, will contain real advertising because their real-life counterpart organizations would do so.

2. Ad Free Zones for Kids: We will not display advertising on any site that primarily contains content suitable for children. Children have far more important things to do in life than deciding what stuff to buy. Our Ad Free Zone sites are identified by this logo:
ad free zone logo
3. Non-competition: Advertising will not be displayed that is competitive with our own current or future brands, trademarks, or creative enterprise.

4. Non-Sensitive: Advertising for certain products or services that have a high level of sensitivity in the general marketplace e.g. sexual products, gambling, religion, etc.

5. Corporations are NOT People: To the best of our knowledge, we will not not provide advertising for PACs or ANY other type of advertising that purports or promotes the idea that corporations should have an equal or or more powerful voice than human individuals, and should not be afforded any special privileges or rights e.g. the ability to buy and sell politicians, judges, and other officials.

6. Deceptive Practices and Deliberately Ambiguous Policies and/or Terms: To the best of our knowledge we will not provide advertising for any organization that WE BELIEVE uses any of these practices. e.g. financial organizations that intentionally provide thousands of small-print words as statements of “policy.”

7. Market Predators: We will block advertising for any organization that has been classified as predatory by industry experts e.g. or, or by the Federal Trade Commission or and State Regulatory Organization or any organization that monitors for age discrimination and predatory practices against age groups.

8. Hate and Discriminatory Practices: We will block advertising for any hate organization, or and any organization which practices discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or age.

If you see any ads on our website that violate the above, please contact us.

ChaliceMedia sites containing advertising:

  • An Ant’s Ass (
  • Banco de Puerco PR Blog (fictitious organization) (
  • Brits with Gas (fictitious organization) (
  • CheapCXOs (fictitious company) (
  • Duckie Dic World Financial dictionary (
  • Em Gideon (fictitious politician) (
  • Flyover Bugs (
  • Jeeze La Weeze blog (
  • SeemsFree (fictitious retailer) (
  • Worms In Ermine (