Fear Lock

Fearlock logoFear Lock™ (fictitious) is one of the most terrifying psychological tools Acolytica™ (also fictitious)uses to maintain a tight hold on its members and associates. As frightening as it is, Fear Lock is only one of many financial, political, and psychological tools created by Isham Spengler (yep, fictitious).



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Solace Creek Statesman, January 19, 20XX
Acolytica leader and Gleaner of Souls Perseus Cade announced today the startup of the last of twenty-seven satellites in the Acolytica ONE satellite network. This satellite enables reception of Acolytica ONE in every country, on every square inch of the earth. For truth, salvation, and entertainment, Acolytica ONE is the only television network you will need to watch. Acolytes, Seekers, and Newmins please be advised that Fear Lock is now in place regarding Acolytica ONE. You will be monitored for compliance.