Browser Compatibility

techyroyo-150-v4Known Browser issues we’ve discovered in testing or day-to-day application:

We have no currently known issues, on the following Operating Systems and Browsers:1

Android 2 (Smartphone), Apple iOS 4,5,6 (iPad & iPhone), Microsoft Windows XP Professional: SP3, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition: SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition: SP2, Microsoft Windows 7: SP1. We are NOT currently testing on any Windows 8, or Windows Phone platforms.

Each site is tested on CURRENT versions of the following: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Windows Internet Explorer

1 All trademarks and service marks listed above are property of their respective companies.

Supported websites:

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Our Web Presence

globe on laptopWe currently maintain over fifty domains, and more than two dozen blogs and pages on a number of social networking platforms. Many of these are active on a day-to-day basis, while others serve as samples, to show you how we might be able to help you develop a web presence that can help you achieve your goals.For a complete list, with links to each website, visit the Chalicemedia Brands page.

Site Gestation

RoYo Patiently Waiting

RoYo Patiently Waiting

The domains, or site names on this page are currently in the development process. At the present time the domains listed here are redirected to this page.

Current redirects:

  1. – Current state: Domain Retention, High Level Strategy — potential placeholder for a fictitious financial institution
  2. – Current state: High Level Strategy — placeholder for the ultra-contemporaty fiction concept