Grayston R. Cassel

grayston-150-v4Grayston R. Cassel™ is an author of Dark Fiction and Urban Fantasy. A complex author persona, GRC functions in multitasking modes. As the “author” of certain projects and components, Gray is also a character in other projects and components. A number of GRC projects are currently in early draft stages. The GRC website can be reached via,, or For the Untrue project, Gray also has a twiitter account.


Heaven’s Lower East Side

hles-150-v4Heaven’s Lower East Side™ is a place for people, critters, and hybrids that would have gone to The Other Place if not for at least one redeeming value in their lives. The guy in charge of HLES (or the Lower East) is Teddy Leadville™.

Take the tour, you might want to stay…

Mary Jane Bann’d

Mary Jane Bannd LogoThe infamous Mary Jane Bann’d™ shook up Boulder, Colorado from 1967 – 1972 before moving on to corrupt the impressionable youth of the Southern U.S. Learn about the band, how it formed, and which musicians passed through.

Say Hi to Mary Jane, see if she might like a cuppa.