AcolyticaAcolytica™ (fictitious), in the fictional world of the Solace Creek Stories™ project, is one of the largest and most powerful religious organizations in the world.  Acolytican funding and political pressure put the President of the United States and much of Congress in office.

Founded by Perseus Cade, and overseen by the evil Isham Spengler, Acolytica seeks to expand it’s power and financial base throughout the globe.  Acolytica ONE™ and Acolytica ENT™ are powerful media tools used for the attraction and manipulation of a billion prospective converts. See AcolyticNET.

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BoomerBoomersaurus™, a northern Colorado sixties rock band, performed in Colorado and Ohio for a short life of fourteen months between the debut on July 4, 2006 and the final benefit concert on August 27, 2007. Boomersaurus has multiple components — WordPress, and Coppermine.

News: Boomersaurus in now in rehearsals for a reunion show in August of 2014.

Boulder-Springs Journal

bsjournal logoThe Boulder-Springs Journal™ (fictitious) has a daily circulation in the Boulder-Springs Metroplex™ (also fictitious) of approximately 260,000 with Sunday circulation reaching nearly a million. The Journal is a morning daily with a connection to ANS (Affiliated News Service™) (yep, fictitious).