An Ant’s Ass

an ants ass logoAsterisk A. Ant™ is a little guy with big opinions. Who knows whether they are good or bad? But, he’s been around for a million years, has a Doctoral degree in Bovine Scatology and is pretty good at analyzing B.S. An Ant’s Ass™ is where you can find him.


Banco de Puerco n.a.

BdP logoNew York City, U.S.A. – where the eff else? Check out Banco de Puerco™ (fictitious) for your investments. Or visit the BdP blog (also fictitious) to get the latest from their public relations team.


Em Gideon

Gideon Always Running logoThaddeus Emory “Em” Gideon™ (fictitious) failed  as a 2008 conservative presidential candidate but his motto “Failure is not a career ending event” carries on with every new challenge. Depending on where the stories fall on the timeline, Em can be in some interesting situations Congressman, Perennial Losing Candidate, VicePresident, POTUS, and frozen.