Banco de Puerco n.a.

BdP logoNew York City, U.S.A. – where the eff else? Check out Banco de Puerco™ (fictitious) for your investments. Or visit the BdP blog (also fictitious) to get the latest from their public relations team.



BoomerBoomersaurus™, a northern Colorado sixties rock band, performed in Colorado and Ohio for a short life of fourteen months between the debut on July 4, 2006 and the final benefit concert on August 27, 2007. Boomersaurus has multiple components — WordPress, and Coppermine.

News: Boomersaurus in now in rehearsals for a reunion show in August of 2014.

Boulder-Springs Journal

bsjournal logoThe Boulder-Springs Journal™ (fictitious) has a daily circulation in the Boulder-Springs Metroplex™ (also fictitious) of approximately 260,000 with Sunday circulation reaching nearly a million. The Journal is a morning daily with a connection to ANS (Affiliated News Service™) (yep, fictitious).