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Solace Creek Statesman, January 19, 20XX
Acolytica leader and Gleaner of Souls Perseus Cade announced today the startup of the last of twenty-seven satellites in the Acolytica ONE satellite network. This satellite enables reception of Acolytica ONE in every country, on every square inch of the earth. For truth, salvation, and entertainment, Acolytica ONE is the only television network you will need to watch. Acolytes, Seekers, and Newmins please be advised that Fear Lock is now in place regarding Acolytica ONE. You will be monitored for compliance.

Boulder-Springs Colorado now online

The Metroplex of Boulder-Springs, Colorado has joined the Solace Creek Site network.  As the community develops, so will the web presence.  Learn about local businesses, government offices, public safety, and the media, along with more coming down the pike.

Visit Boulder-Springs Colorado


rlc Conversion – Joomla to WordPress

royo-redeco-150-v4Update: 31 March 2014

[The site you are looking at now is in it’s fourth Word Press design iteration since the 29 August 2013 revision. ]

Why [update from Joomla?]

  1. Joomla was outdated (1.5) and would need to be migrated, much of it by hand.
  2. Filesize on server: Joomla 5,559 files, WordPress 2,376 files
  3. Flexibility for Mobile Devices – e.g. Responsive designs, vast array of plugins and tools.
  4. Flexibility for media and animation
  5. Future integration to WordPress Multi-site.
  6. Blanket subscription on Akismet spam control

Screen Shot Comparison

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Dontcha Love the New Twitter Headers?

We’ve done eleven new Twitter headers over the past week, the one below is about the size that is on the new Twitter profile.

If you click it, you can see the actual design size with some additional notes.