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women at a presentationWe have a series of workshops and presentations ideal for conferences and stand-alone sessions. Exorcising the Stage Fright Demon is a guide for infrequent public speakers. See It, Twist It, Write It provides tips, techniques, and practice in turning common observations into unique story ideas. Playing Spider: Enticing Your Web Audience uses a post-session on-line world to reinforce the web presence techniques from the workshop.  Get More Details

Exorcise the Stage Fright Demon

Sy Koepathic and the his demonsFull Title: Exorcise the Stage Fright Demon
Yikes! Have a reading coming up? A local TV or radio interview? A first-page reading at a conference or contest? Scared? Don’t be.

Geared toward: authors, artists, and others unaccustomed to public speaking who have been called upon for readings, book signings, gallery openings, or other public appearances.
Session Format: Designed to fit into a one-hour conference time slot.
Venue Requirements: Data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop
Workshop Format: two or four hour workshops, designed with practice exercises.

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In The Shorts

some shortsFull Title: Takin’ It in the Shorts: Maybe it’s NOT Attention Span!
What if all we need to do is find a way to fit into the snippets of free time in people’s lives?

Geared toward: Any writer who is interested in ePublishing and possible trends in readership
Session Format: One hour seeded discussion This workshop has a companion blog at (intheshorts.blogspot.com)
Venue Requirements: Minimum – whiteboard and/or flip chart, etc

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Lights, Camera, Interview

Lens and textFull Title: Lights, Camera Interview: Preparing for Real and Virtual Video Interviews
Invited to do an interview for your local TV station or public access programs? How about creating your own interview for your YouTube® channel?

Geared toward: Writers who would like to use video interviews, television, YouTube, FaceBook, Blogs, etc. to promote themselves and their work
Session Formats: Conference formats in one and two hour lengths (see details below)
Venue Requirements: Minimum – Data projector and screen, 120 VAC AC power for laptop and camera. Recommended – 120 VAC AC power for lights (1000 watts), minimum 15 minutes set up time. Recommended – 45 minutes access to venue prior to session to install and utilize green screen background.

Workshop Formats: Half-day or full-day formats which include discussions on video editing, tools, and more in-depth practice interviews.

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Map Trap Zap

map trap zap logoFull Title: Mapping, Trapping, and Zapping: Free and Inexpensive Tools for Planning, Organization, and Execution
Technology can be more than a friend, how about a full time assistant? Capture ideas? Track tiny details – like your character’s expensive watch. Fast, easy and mostly free!

Geared Toward: The primary audience for this workshop would be writers and others who need to keep track of a number of details for something they’re working on. Most of the tools discussed are designed for writers, both fiction and non-fiction.
Session Format: One hour, including Q&A (this workshop is supported with a specially designed blog (maptrapzap.blogspot.com) to allow attendees an opportunity to learn more about all of the tools and concepts presented, and to keep astride of changes in these concepts.
Venue Requirements: Minimum – Data Projector and Screen, 120 VAC power for laptop; realtime internet access is a plus

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