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Playing Spider™: Web Tutorial

An online world exists specifically to help you understand and experience some of the tools and techniques discussed in Playing Spider: Enticing YOUR Web Audience™. This world contains sample websites, blogs, and social media tools. www.playingspider.com

MTZ logoMap Trap Zap™: Updates and Discussion Blog

The tools and techniques discussed in Mapping, Trapping, and Zapping™ can change in the time it takes to assemble and distribute a handout. You can keep up with them at maptrapzap.blogspot.com

in the shorts logoIn The Shorts™: Updates and Discussion Blog

Takin’ It in the Shorts™ is all about books and publishing being some of the most dynamic artistic and business practices in today’s world. Learn more and keep up at intheshorts,blogspot.com

tprh logoTotems and Rabbits™: Updates and Discussion Blog

Totem Poles and Rabbit Holes™ us a high-level presentation (in both writer and reader versions) of the non-proprietary and/or publicly available components of ChaliceMedia Realtime Expanded eBook Architecture™. Q&A sessions on this one never seem long enough, so perhaps these two sites can help. (Both are under development as architecture deployment proceeds – updates will be posted on the ChaliceMedia weblog, www.tprh.net and  totemsandrabbits.blogspot.com


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Playing Spider

spider, yucky spiderFull Title: Playing Spider: Enticing Your Web Audience

Get a quick overview on the basics of TODAY’s internet and what you can do to “get” out there, or maximize your current presence.

Geared toward: authors, artists, musicians, and other small businesses who would like to present an active, dynamic community web presence without substantial investment in either dollars or time.
Session Format: Designed to fit into a one-hour conference time slot. This workshop is supported by a comprehensive online environment at www.playingspider.com
Venue requirements: Data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop

Extended Workshop Format: Workshops can be presented as half day (four hour) or full day formats.  Full day formats include group discussion sessions and individual consultation.

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See Twist Write

see twist write imageFull Title: See It, Twist It, Write It: Detailed Observation for Writers
A writers’ observation workshop — with a twist. Beyond capturing and writing…with the addition of the magic phrase “what if?”

Geared toward: Beginning, intermediate, or advanced writers who want to improve their observation skills.
Session Format: one hour workshop that can easily expand into a two hour session with hands-on activities.
Venue requirements: Data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop, this workshop is most effective in a classroom configuration with tables

Extended Workshop Format: Customized to the audience and venue with a real-life walking tour and hands-on exercises.

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SocialMedia: Best Worst and Ugliest

SocialMedia BWU logoFull title: Once Upon a Time in SocialMedia Land: The Best, Worst, and Ugliest
What is SocialMedia? Can I catch it from somebody? Is it just a waste of time or does it have value? How can I use it?

Geared toward: Anyone with an interest in the pros, cons, and basics of the SocialMedia universe.
Session format: While this session can work well in a one-hour slot, a time allotment of ninety minutes or two hours provides the opportunity for much deeper audience engagement. And, after all, engagement is what social media is all about.
Venue Requirements: Minimum – data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop. Recommended – realtime internet access.

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Totem Poles and Rabbit Holes

tm-tprhroyo-150-v4Full Title: Totem Poles and Rabbit Holes™: Baby Steps into the Electronic Future
Some creative ways to use external sources to expand your readers’ experiences, and draw them more deeply into the world you’ve created.

Geared toward: All Writers and readers with an interest in the possibilities future state fiction publications; novels, short stories, and even new formats.
Session Format: Ninety-minute minimum, two hour recommendation
Venue Requirements: Data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop. Realtime internet access is a plus.

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