Delve Writing Presentation 26 Nov 2013

Delve writing logoEnhanced What?

I was excited to have an opportunity to present a Webinar on Enhanced eBooks and some of my R&D in that area. Please drop by and watch the seminar, and explore more of the wonderful writers tools and support available through Delve.

Please excuse the scratchy voice and a few stumbles… This is my first presentation in an eon or two because of vocal chord paralysis.

Enhanced What? Presentation by Ron Heimbecher on Delve Writing


*This webinar may require the installation of the Adobe Connect plugin on you browser.


Could it Be They’re Asking the Wrong Questions?

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For when the brain gets too full

This is a tiny post today in response to a recent article in wired magazine about why eBooks “Aren’t There Yet.” There has been a lot of discussion in my LinkedIn Digital Publications Group about what the article says, and doesn’t say. The thing is, maybe they aren’t asking the right questions. Maybe they are making too many assumptions based on the status quo… heaven knows that’s a human trait as certain as a yellow Lab chasing a tennis ball.

I had a brief response to my group (below) — haven’t had any feeback yet.

Posted comment to Digital Book World group on LinkedIn in response to the conversations on the Wired article.

“Could it simply be that as long as ebooks are viewed as just another “medium” they will always be — just another way to get a book out?

As long as the world is moving with the “same books” different format concept it will stay this way.

Bytes, Bits, pixels, data packets, broadband, Retina screens, capacitive touch, gesture navigation, alternative paths, instantaneous automatic updates, back lighting — all of these are magic dust.

Or have we forgotten that the main reason for books in the first place was to tell a story?”



Attention span? What atten…

Raise your hand if you’ve heard somebody say, “nobody is reading because the kids today don’t have the attention span of a [insert cliched comarison here.]

What if it’s not an attention span problem, but the same problem that everybody on this bloody planet has today?

Too many things to do, and not enough time to do them. What if we’re trying to do things that take hours when the available snippets in our lives only last for minutes?

What happens when we gear our output toward filling those brief instants, rather than creating something that may force someone to choose between reading your work and watching the latest blockbuster on a streaming download?

Debuting at this year’s Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference is Takin’ It in the Shorts, a workshop about tailoring your work to the snippets of available time in people’s lives.

If your not already registered, do it NOW! Earlybird pricing ends August 15, 2011.


More on Honing Focus

expanded ereader graphic humorous manAs we sharpen our focus on Expanded Experience eBooks™, we’ll also be shifting the some of the content of this blog to a new location aimed strictly at the technical areas of EEEs and our projects to support them. The ChaliceTech website has been retired and replaced with ChaliceTech Wiki (, a tool we felt is much more appropriate for not only our own internal goals, but for the potential of our readers and other writers as well.

Many of our websites  will undergo revisions to make them more mobile friendly so they can better support Expanded Experience concepts. Details of the revisions will be posted on the Wiki as  they are available.

The new Wiki will also serve another very important purpose. It will provide interested writers details on collaboration opportunities that will allow them to use some of our DCCA websites as Totem Poles and Rabbit Holes™  for their own work, and at the same time make some of our fictitious entities seem more real.

Dontcha Love Remodeling?

We’ve got some remodeling in progress to support new concepts and components coming down the pike. With the changes soon to hit the market in multi-tasking eReaders (such as  eDGe and Alex) and other toys, we’ve got solid targets for the prototyping we’ve been doing for the past couple of years.

We’re changing our primary focus on the ChaliceMedia website to our Distributed Creative Content Architecture™ platforms for what we call Expanded Experience eBooks™. It’s a little bit complicated, but the best way I can think of to describe it is analogy of the commentary and special features you find on most DVDs and Blu-ray Discs®. As a reader, our Expanded Experience components are not intrusive. You can elect what you want to see, when you want to see it. Perhaps, like most of us, you just watch the movie the first time through. The second time, you might enable the director/cast commentaries to expand your movie experience, and then later on you might view all of the goodies include in the disc’s special features component.

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