Meet Royo

Royo, animated rabbitThis is RoYo Rabbit™ (as in yo-yo). His presence is spreading across the internet as our distributed creative content and Internet Fiction Projects continue to grow.  As you explore the worlds of The Flyover War, The Solace Creek Stories, Heaven’s Lower East Side, and other IFPs you may see this little guy. RoYo is telling you that the site your’re visiting is a rabbit hole into our digital universe.  Some rabbit hole sites may point into a single project. Others, like the Boulder-Springs Journal, and NFWTV can have integrated links to a number of story lines.  More information on our Internet Fiction Projects…

Solace Creek Site Network

sc-net-150-v5The Solace Creek Site Network™ is the jump-off point to the (fictitious) people, places, and organizations of the Solace Creek Stories™, and more!

This site has been integrated into the new SolaceCreekOnline.Com core site, and redirects to that site. The b2Evolution site no longer exists.

Solace Creek Stories

sc-stories-150-v5At the core of the Solace Creek Colorado™ project are the stories.  Crossing multiple genres, the stories chronicle the lives of 350+ people who live and work in the village of Solace Creek, Colorado and the neighboring Boulder-Springs™ metroplex.

Learn more about the Solace Creek Stories™ and the people who inhabit them.

A note about the sites: The sites of the Solace Creek Stories are fluid, and constantly changing.  As the project progresses, we walk a series of thin lines.  We are cautious to separate the material published on-line from the works that are targeted for the commercial publication market.  We are, unfortunately, in a time of radical transition in the publishing industry, and many traditional houses are reluctant to publish any thing that has previously appeared on-line.  On the other side of the equation, every day new books are being developed and marketed that are based on or wholly comprised of materials previously available on-line or through other media.  Have fun with us on the journey.