About Distributed Creative Content Architecture

dcca globeChaliceMedia Distributed Creative Content Architecture™ is a multiplatform design for complex creative projects and digital storytelling. For a number of years, we’ve been designing and assembling integrated multi-platform environments for creative content projects. As Web 2.0 concepts continue to expand, we’re capable of assisting in the architecture, design, and deployment of a wide-variety of creative endeavors. Why settle for a three paragraph car chase in a novel when you can create a websphere pursuit that can take your characters around the world? Tie your non-fiction message to a dynamically expanding platform that can tune itself to your audience. Integrated marketing through social networking, multimedia, and specifically designed rabbit holes. Our “Flyover War” prototype is currently underway–  Check it out!

ChaliceMedia.com Conversion – Joomla to WordPress

royo-redeco-150-v4Update: 31 March 2014

[The site you are looking at now is in it’s fourth Word Press design iteration since the 29 August 2013 revision. ]

Why [update from Joomla?]

  1. Joomla was outdated (1.5) and would need to be migrated, much of it by hand.
  2. Filesize on server: Joomla 5,559 files, WordPress 2,376 files
  3. Flexibility for Mobile Devices – e.g. Responsive designs, vast array of plugins and tools.
  4. Flexibility for media and animation
  5. Future integration to WordPress Multi-site.
  6. Blanket subscription on Akismet spam control

Screen Shot Comparison

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Flyover War

flyoverbsp-150-v4flyoverwar-150-v4In The Flyover War™, a reporter’s chase to get the story of an impending civil war becomes a battle for her life. Watch the story come alive scene by scene. You can also look behind the scenes at FlyoverWar Backstage™.

This site is being converted to WordPress as part of a master site integration project.  While that work is underway the b2Evolution site is located at: TheFlyoverWar.com


GIA Has New Face – and New Heart, too

gia-150-v4GIA – We Are People Too, is one of the key websites for DCCA intelligence gathering. For several years it’s been running on Joomla 1.5 – outdated and growing unwieldy. The recent conversion is to WordPress 3.6 with the integration of Responsive (mobile friendly) display architecture and integrated feeds from a number of locations.