Wifiction the Escape iCafe

WiFiction LogoWiFiction is a core site for the implementation and integration of the majority of our websites. The Escape iCafe™ – has broken off Wifiction to live on its own, likely a new (fictitious) emagazine currently.  Think great  short stories and breakfast serials. Three ways to get there: wifiction.com™, wfic.us™, escapeicafe.com™


Worms In Ermine

tm-worms-150-v4The idea for Worms in Ermine1, an experiment in rock opera, came about after a hotel manager in a southern Colorado city implored the city government to pay city workers no more than he paid the housekeeping staff at his hotel. He cited similar education and skill requirements for the positions.

Our take on this was, “How many people want the engineers responsible for clean water and our police and fire people to be paid less than minimum wage?” Don’t know about you, but I’d hate to see the people who protect our neighborhoods living on measly tips. Made me think a lot more about how I tip a hotel housekeeper too. Maybe the hotel manger should try minimum wage for a couple of years.

This place also gives us a place for some of our characters to get a chance to practice their a-hole-ness.  WormsInErmine.blogspot.com

1 The title Worms in Ermine comes from a ballad of the mid-1800s by Rev. R.W. Huntley titled Walter Langley. The phrase was also used in a 1969 speech to the British Parliament by Mr. Michael Foote regarding the Exclusion of Peers by Succession.


York Broadcast Network

York Broadcast LogosThe York Broadcast Network™ (fictitious) is based in the satellite capitol of the United States, Boulder-Springs™, Colorado (fictitious). The network also has major presence in New York (not fictitious… OK the network is, but New York is not), Los Angeles (ditto NYC), Chicago (ditto the previous ditto), and Atlanta (ditto3). York, primarily involved in television and radio, is testing the DBS (direct broadcast satellite) arena in a joint venture with NFWTV™(fictitious). Local affiliates are KYBN-5™ Television(fictitious) in Boulder-Springs and KZUD FM88.2™ (fictitious)radio in Solace Creek(fictitious).