An Ant’s Ass

an ants ass logoAsterisk A. Ant™ is a little guy with big opinions. Who knows whether they are good or bad? But, he’s been around for a million years, has a Doctoral degree in Bovine Scatology and is pretty good at analyzing B.S. An Ant’s Ass™ is where you can find him.



BoomerBoomersaurus™, a northern Colorado sixties rock band, performed in Colorado and Ohio for a short life of fourteen months between the debut on July 4, 2006 and the final benefit concert on August 27, 2007. Boomersaurus has multiple components — WordPress, and Coppermine.

News: Boomersaurus in now in rehearsals for a reunion show in August of 2014.

Mary Jane Bann’d

Mary Jane Bannd LogoThe infamous Mary Jane Bann’d™ shook up Boulder, Colorado from 1967 – 1972 before moving on to corrupt the impressionable youth of the Southern U.S. Learn about the band, how it formed, and which musicians passed through.

Say Hi to Mary Jane, see if she might like a cuppa.



Worms In Ermine

tm-worms-150-v4The idea for Worms in Ermine1, an experiment in rock opera, came about after a hotel manager in a southern Colorado city implored the city government to pay city workers no more than he paid the housekeeping staff at his hotel. He cited similar education and skill requirements for the positions.

Our take on this was, “How many people want the engineers responsible for clean water and our police and fire people to be paid less than minimum wage?” Don’t know about you, but I’d hate to see the people who protect our neighborhoods living on measly tips. Made me think a lot more about how I tip a hotel housekeeper too. Maybe the hotel manger should try minimum wage for a couple of years.

This place also gives us a place for some of our characters to get a chance to practice their a-hole-ness.

1 The title Worms in Ermine comes from a ballad of the mid-1800s by Rev. R.W. Huntley titled Walter Langley. The phrase was also used in a 1969 speech to the British Parliament by Mr. Michael Foote regarding the Exclusion of Peers by Succession.