Boulder-Springs Metroplex

Boulder-Springs logoThe city of Boulder-Springs™, Colorado (fictitious.. the city is, NOT Colorado… yet) is the metroplex that dominates the environment of the Solace Creek Stories™.  The idea of combining the political philosophies of Boulder Colorado – dreaming is always fictitious (‘the Peoples Republic of Boulder’ – this is not a fictitious nickname) and Colorado Springs (probably not fictitious either) was too much to resist.


Gonads, Oklahoma

Gonads Oklahoma LogoGonads, Oklahoma U.S.A™. (fictitious) Home of the retail giant SeemsFree(also fictitious) and the best deep fried bull testicles in the universe — from fictitious bulls.  “Flyover Country’s Flyover Country”™


Heaven’s Lower East Side

hles-150-v4Heaven’s Lower East Side™ is a place for people, critters, and hybrids that would have gone to The Other Place if not for at least one redeeming value in their lives. The guy in charge of HLES (or the Lower East) is Teddy Leadville™.

Take the tour, you might want to stay…

Solace Creek Village

sc-village-150-v5The (fictitious) Village of Solace Creek™, Colorado is an upscale community near the (also fictitious) Boulder-Springs™ Metroplex.  Think of Aspen (only partially fictitious), without the ski hill.  Some of the most powerful (fictitious) people in the United States (a lot of fictitious here) have residences in or near Solace Creek, including POTUS (this is a real nickname, a government acronym of President Of The United States – I’m sure some of the marijuana vendors in Colorado were hoping it meant something else.)  SolaceCreek.US