AcolyticaAcolytica™ (fictitious), in the fictional world of the Solace Creek Stories™ project, is one of the largest and most powerful religious organizations in the world.  Acolytican funding and political pressure put the President of the United States and much of Congress in office.

Founded by Perseus Cade, and overseen by the evil Isham Spengler, Acolytica seeks to expand it’s power and financial base throughout the globe.  Acolytica ONE™ and Acolytica ENT™ are powerful media tools used for the attraction and manipulation of a billion prospective converts. See AcolyticNET.

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DogEared Paperbacks

DogEared Paperbacks badgeDogEared Paperbacks™ (fictitious) is in development. Ron said he wanted to have a new band site in case he ever got his voice back… He is the boss. If not, he said, we can always use more fictitious musicians in our world.

The boss’s idea may not have been a good one because this domain is currently included in our domains for sale.


Fear Lock

Fearlock logoFear Lock™ (fictitious) is one of the most terrifying psychological tools Acolytica™ (also fictitious)uses to maintain a tight hold on its members and associates. As frightening as it is, Fear Lock is only one of many financial, political, and psychological tools created by Isham Spengler (yep, fictitious).