Delve Writing Presentation 26 Nov 2013

Delve writing logoEnhanced What?

I was excited to have an opportunity to present a Webinar on Enhanced eBooks and some of my R&D in that area. Please drop by and watch the seminar, and explore more of the wonderful writers tools and support available through Delve.

Please excuse the scratchy voice and a few stumbles… This is my first presentation in an eon or two because of vocal chord paralysis.

Enhanced What? Presentation by Ron Heimbecher on Delve Writing


*This webinar may require the installation of the Adobe Connect plugin on you browser.


Playing Spider

spider, yucky spiderPlaying Spider™ is a network of websites designed to provide a working tutorial for students of our “Playing Spider: Enticing Your Web Audience™” workshops. Meet (fictitious authors and artists) Algernon Arachnid™, Barbara Blackwidow™, Franklin Funnelweb™, Harlan Hobospider™, Ollie Orbweaver™, Penny Parsonspider™, Robin Recluse™, Toni Tarantula™ and Wendy Wolfspider™ and learn about different ways to spice up your web marketing.


royo-redeco-150-v4Playing Spider is currently in redesign, feel free to visit but there isn’t much to see.