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RoYo Rabbit™ has been with us for a while now, but with a Colorado winter coming in the next few months we (RoYo Rabbit and Ron) decided that he needed some fur. It maybe a bit of time before everything his brought up to speed, so here’s a bit of history — old logos, the mark of a true beginner.

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ChaliceMedia Websites

A ChaliceMedia Website logoThis Linky RoYo Rabbit™ logo is used to identify sites and fictitious entities1 that are part of the ChaliceMedia family. These contain a specific disclaimer …similar to the the master disclaimer on these pages.

1 fictitious entities may include people (characters), organizations, and locations that are part of the ChaliceMedia online story universe.

For a time, you may still see this logo on a number of sites:

Older chalicemedia website tag