Caught by Chicks

caught by chicks brandingCaughtbyChicks™ (fictitious) serves a double purpose. First, it supports a new fiction project currently in the works, and second, provides an opportunity to celebrate heroine crime fighters and bad guy snatchers from emerging writers.


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Flyover Bugs

tm-fbugs-150-v4The Flyover Bug Entomology – by Gen. Myron T. Hooch (ret)™ (fictitious) “Throughout history wars have been fought because of the military leader’s ability to dehumanize the enemy. The Flyover War is no exception. Two major challenges to this military strategy exist with The Flyover War. First, there are a number of combatant groups of people, second the military and the legal community are playing all sides. Here is the entomology for the dehumanization strategies of The Flyover War.” – Gen. Myron T Hooch (retired)