tm-aboutroyo-150-v4We create fictitious story worlds, and the people, places, and organizations that inhabit them for a realtime expanded reading experience. Our dual-purpose stories not only provide fun reading, but also serve as research and development platforms to anticipate changes in the reading experience driven by technology, time, and interest.

If you are a content producer (publishers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, marketers, et al), our websites can provide you with ideas and working prototypes of our emerging media architecture. Our sites and presentations can teach you about tools you can use for your own deployments, and an array of examples provided by our own multi-platform creative projects. Browse, learn, and contact us.

Many people wonder about the uses of “us” and “we” throughout this website, when they know that it’s just Ron doing everything. True…when the page was created…but Ron’s dream is to build something that will allow us to employ a number of our neighbors, right here in our LOCAL (e.g. NOT Offshore, BestShore, SomeShore) community.

There are company search engines out there that report us as multimillion dollar corporation with hundreds of employees. Evidently some BOTS haven’t been taught the word fictitious which now appears at least sixty+ times on the pages of this website, and appears clearly on EVERY one of our websites which represents a fictitious entity.

And… no… since ChaliceMedia LLC is not publicly held, I do not release any information regarding revenues or expenses. As of 27 January 2012 at 14:40 MST, this is a SINGLE EMPLOYEE company.

Just Ron B^)

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