Map Trap Zap

map trap zap logoFull Title: Mapping, Trapping, and Zapping: Free and Inexpensive Tools for Planning, Organization, and Execution
Technology can be more than a friend, how about a full time assistant? Capture ideas? Track tiny details – like your character’s expensive watch. Fast, easy and mostly free!

Geared Toward: The primary audience for this workshop would be writers and others who need to keep track of a number of details for something they’re working on. Most of the tools discussed are designed for writers, both fiction and non-fiction.
Session Format: One hour, including Q&A (this workshop is supported with a specially designed blog ( to allow attendees an opportunity to learn more about all of the tools and concepts presented, and to keep astride of changes in these concepts.
Venue Requirements: Minimum – Data Projector and Screen, 120 VAC power for laptop; realtime internet access is a plus

Session OverviewThis regularly updated program shows a number of commonly available, and often free, tools that can help writers manage many of the little things that can pull them away from the BICHOK (Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard) mindset that keeps the words flowing. Among the topics included are mind mapping, details management, focused writing, sharing and synchronization tools, Wikis and shared writing spaces, information organizers, journals, and more.

Programs for Windows and iPad® Apps will be demonstrated. Comparable programs for Mac® will be discussed but not demonstrated.

*Important note: Other than the use of these (or comparable) tools for ChaliceMedia projects, there is no business, working, or affiliate relationship between ChaliceMedia and any of these product suppliers. We are not in the business of selling, hawking, or advertising anything mentioned in this workshop. This are simply handy tools that may be handy for anyone in the audience. And MOST of them are FREE.


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