Lights, Camera, Interview

Lens and textFull Title: Lights, Camera Interview: Preparing for Real and Virtual Video Interviews
Invited to do an interview for your local TV station or public access programs? How about creating your own interview for your YouTube® channel?

Geared toward: Writers who would like to use video interviews, television, YouTube, FaceBook, Blogs, etc. to promote themselves and their work
Session Formats: Conference formats in one and two hour lengths (see details below)
Venue Requirements: Minimum – Data projector and screen, 120 VAC AC power for laptop and camera. Recommended – 120 VAC AC power for lights (1000 watts), minimum 15 minutes set up time. Recommended – 45 minutes access to venue prior to session to install and utilize green screen background.

Workshop Formats: Half-day or full-day formats which include discussions on video editing, tools, and more in-depth practice interviews.

Session OverviewBased on components of a media workshop presented at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in 2009 and 2010, this hands-on (or should we say face-on) workshop enables you to learn some tips and techniques about video interviews. YouTube, your own website, and public access television are only a few of the venues where a short, crisp video interview can sell YOU and your books.

Presentation Formats:

Conference workshop, approximately 1 hour:

  • Interview basics and preparation
  • Creating your own YouTube Channel
  • Equipment/Software Basics
  • 3 volunteers (more if time allows) video recorded interviews1
  • Playback and discussion of recorded interviews

Expanded Conference workshop, approximately 2 hours:

  • Full content of 1 hour workshop, plus
  • Additional detail on basic video editing and software.
  • Additional volunteer interviews and analysis.

We can also prepare custom half-day and full-day workshops. In broadband internet enabled classrooms we can spend additional time on YouTube channels and uploads.

1to show how easy and inexpensive this can be, these interviews are recorded with an inexpensive digital camcorder using available light and backgrounds


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