Exorcise the Stage Fright Demon

Sy Koepathic and the his demonsFull Title: Exorcise the Stage Fright Demon
Yikes! Have a reading coming up? A local TV or radio interview? A first-page reading at a conference or contest? Scared? Don’t be.

Geared toward: authors, artists, and others unaccustomed to public speaking who have been called upon for readings, book signings, gallery openings, or other public appearances.
Session Format: Designed to fit into a one-hour conference time slot.
Venue Requirements: Data projector and screen, 120 VAC power for laptop
Workshop Format: two or four hour workshops, designed with practice exercises.

Session Overview

“Make a pitch, read at a book signing, do an interview on the morning show… how do you deal with the STAGE FRIGHT?”  Neither a class on public speaking, nor a Dale Carnegie type session, this workshop addresses one of the most widespread human phobias. Rather than provide a magic bullet for eliminating the fear we refer to as stage fright, we’re going to look at some practical tools and devices to minimize its effects, and even use stage fright effectively as a tool for enhancing the presentation.

Basic Conference Session: (~55min including Q&A)

* Stage Fright Overview, who gets it and why?
* What is Stage Fright
o What are some of the symptoms
* Is it always bad?
* Can it be an ally
* Tools for dealing with it
* Quick Tips for your bag of tricks
* Q&A

Expanded Conference Session or Short Workshop: (~120 min)

* This is the basic session plus one-hour of coached practice in break out groups.

Half-Day Workshop

* 90 minute basic session with expanded discussions on symptoms and tools
* 1 hour break-out practice sessions
* Individual presentations by attendee volunteers (as an option, these can be video-recorded and transferred to DVD.)


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