Nasal Oranges

OjNasal Oranges™ is a multiple personality entity.  Translation… we haven’t figured out exactly what we’re going to do with it yet, but we liked the name… The likely strategy is for the oranges to be an all-original band.  The major challenge is that most of our musical friends are old farts, and it seems that the only ‘original’ music people want to hear from old farts is part of a reunion tour. But we’ve got some good stuff in the archives… hell, most people who REALLY lived through the 60s can’t remember most of it anyway.  Maybe we can convince them that the new originals are old hits.

In the meantime, is online as an entertainment blog.  We’re putting together some special features… like ‘Idols Time Machine™’ where judges Simeon Cruel™, Paulina Sinbad™, and Dandy Jacknife™ critique the greats from the past like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, Elvis… according to days standards of music and appearance.  Should get interesting…


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