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If you’ve been visiting some of the ChaliceMedia websites lately, you’ve likely seen some new looks.  As part of the establishment of the ChaliceTech brand, we’ve been redesigning all of the websites, and integrating new tools.  Most of the sites were originally written using Microsoft FrontPage.  For many reasons, (one of which being Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for FrontPage) we’ve decided to implement a change to the technical underpinnings of the sites.

Phase 1 is the elimination of the requirement for FrontPage server extensions, we are about 80% complete in this phase.  Aside from Miscrosoft’s discontinuation of the product, the server extensions don’t necessarily play well with some of the php plug-ins and application components we’re currently using.  Phase 1 also includes the implementation of several Open Source portal environments.

Phase 2 is the conversion from FrontPage generated HTML to W3C validated HTML 4.01.  (in reality much of this is being converted to XHTML 1.1 simultaneously).  Phase 2 also includes the implementation and integration of numerous open source (GPL) tools.

Phase 3 is the completion of the transition to XHTML 1.1 and validation to W3C HTML 1.1 standards.

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For those interested in some specifics, we are implementing the following:

Content Management Systems:

Drupal (limited circumstances… primarily when the ability for users to upload information is required)…  FrontPage extensions give Drupal fits…

Joomla will be used a little more… it’s easy to administer.   However, many functions require 3rd party plug-ins.

WordPress … this is our standard blogging environment.  We’ve begun building several custom themes.

Coppermine … photo gallery easy to install and administer.  We had originally installed instances of Gallery 2, but they were removed for stability reasons.

As a part of Client FrontPage conversions, ChaliceTech will suggest appropriate Open Source tools and plug-ins, and install and configure them as required.



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