Methods to Our Madness*

Acolytica: The Transition

Acolytica is an organization with an agenda. How far will it go if it cannot be stopped?

Liars Rebellion

When lying becomes a capital crime, America's fiction writers are in trouble. Find the decoder...

Heaven's Lower East Side

Teddy Leadville was a guardian angel, until the guy he was supposed to be looking out for died in a skydiving mishap... now Teddy runs the Lower East Side of Heaven.

SolaceCreek Online

Dive in to the world of Solace Creek, Colorado. And come back... if you can...

The Flyover War

A reporter's chase to get the story behind an impending civil war becomes a battle for her life.

...Or is it Madness in Our Methods?

*The sites in slideshow are Research an Development playgrounds. The contain only enough story content for proofs of concept. Give them a click and play as long as you'd like. Publications will be available beginning Q4 of this year with new ones coming out throughout 2014. -- Google+